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November 11, 2012

Oh. Em. Gee.....you are 33! LOL

Today was Ova's birthday and he turned the big old 33.  I'm exactly two weeks to the day older than him, and our anniversary falls right in between our birthdays!  That makes for a lot of celebrating right before the holidays at the end of the year!  :)

Ova's a very low maintenance man, and he's really easy to please.  He doesn't expect much, and he appreciates everything we get or do for him....which makes it really easy and nice!  :)  He and I are pretty much the same....if you feed us and let us spend time with each other and our kids, we're happy as can be!  And that's exactly what we did for him on his special day!

I had to work the night before, so I had planned to stop by and buy breakfast for him on the way home from work.  That plan failed because it was a Sunday, and Kneaders, with their awesome french toast breakfast isn't open on Sunday :(  so I did the next best thing I could think of and I went to Walmart to get him a basket of all his favorite goodies, and a card.  When I got home, everyone was still sleeping, so I just put everything together for him and left it at the foot of his bed so he'd get it when he wakes up.  Makai woke up while I was putting together Ova's birthday basket and I told him how I went to get breakfast for dad, but it was closed.  Makai loves to cook, and his specialty is breakfast so he asked me if he could make breakfast for dad's birthday!  Of course!!!  He was super excited and went and made a special birthday breakfast just for his dad!

Ova's favorite treats for his special day:  Suzy Q's, Funyuns, white chotolate, nutter butter cookies, hot fries & V-8 splash!

And I saw this card and laughed so hard....so I just had to get it for him....hahaha

For lunch the kids and I ran and got him his favorite.....Pho from Pho 99.  He LOVES pho soup and the bbq pork fried rice and egg rolls from Pho 99 are super yummy!  We went and bought him lunch, stopped and got him a pepsi double gulp from 7-11 and we all went back home and ate dinner together!

After dinner it was time for cake and ice cream, so we all gathered around and sang "Happy Birthday to you" and he blew out his candles......it was a simple, fun-filled, family-filled special day for such a special guy to us!  We love you Ova, you old man hahahaha!

Last year on Ova's birthday baby Katea was still in the NICU.  She had lasted one whole week off the ventilator and had to be reintubated on his birthday.  I remember we went to Green Papaya for lunch, and he had Pho for his birthday last year too!  LOL.  We went and hung out at the hospital for a little while and then we had dessert at Leatherby's.  Ova and I got to stay in the NICU 'hotel' that night because baby Katea wasn't having a good day.  Can't believe it's been a year since then.  Can't believe how far baby Katea has come and how well she is doing.  Time is just flying right by.  We're 33 now, we've been married 10 years....we have 5 kids, and our oldest is 9.  It's crazy how fast time is flying right by.....we are BLESSED!

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