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November 5, 2012

10 years and a trip to Vegas

November 2nd 2012 marked 10 years for Ova and I.  I can't believe we've been married for that long already....time has just flown right by!  Looking back on the past 10 years, we've been through a lot.  We've had a lot of wonderful accomplishments....2 handsome healthy boys, 2 beautiful little girls, jobs, promotions, vacations, homes, cars, most importantly LOVE!  And we've had a lot of struggles and hardships.  Our marriage, our testimonies and our sanity has been tested and tried and we've always stuck together and gotten though it!  I can honestly say that I don't know if I would have been able to get through everything we've been handed....especially this past year and a half, if I didn't have him to lean on.  He's not a man of many words....and he's not as romantic or thoughtful as I would like him to be....but he always seems to know exactly what I need, right when I need it!  10 years is a huge accomplishment, especially in today's world....but it's only a small portion in the eternity we are going to be together.  I love you Ovaleni Fangupo.

Our nephew Nici got baptized on the 3rd of November in Las Vegas and I had already planned on going with the kids.  These milestones are something that only happen once in their life and I think it's so important to be there and support family when you can.  I asked Ova if he would be able to come with us, since it was our anniversary weekend.  I know that was asking a whole lot of him considering how much pain he is in and considering the fact that he hasn't been able to walk for so long.  Asking him to take a road trip to Vegas was asking a L-O-T....I told him I'd drive the whole way and we could take his wheelchair and he could just keep me company.  I was so happy when he said yes he would go!

I actually had to work the morning of our anniversary....that was the last day of my training at AMRG.  They tested me and quizzed me on everything I had learned....and when I passed, they made me independent and gave me a $1 raise!  How exciting!  That would be the last day of my day shift.....as soon as we got back from Vegas, I would be on graves!  I worked until about 3pm that day, and then we hit the road to Vegas.  We got a hotel room and we were going to make an anniversay/family vacation out of our trip to Nici's baptism!

We got there Friday night and the baptism was early Saturday morning.  As soon as we got into town, we dropped Po off at TiTonga & Kiki's house and we headed to the hotel.  Of course we had to make a stop at Jack In the Box for dinner....but once we got to the hotel, we all knocked out!

Bright and early the next morning, we got ready and headed to the chapel.  Nici was baptized by his grampa Tevita and confirmed by his grampa Kina.  There was a lot of family support there from both Kiki's side and TiTonga's side.  Beautiful baptism!  Congrats Nici!

The proud parents...
The cuzzins...
And again...

After the baptism, we headed back to the hotel to change before going to Nici's baptism eating.  We stayed at a Springhill Suites Marriott right in downtown Las Vegas and the hotel was super nice.  They even had a handicap accessible room available for us so that Ova could get around easier in his wheelchair!  The hotel is one of the newer hotels that Marriott just built and their swimming pool was on the roof on the 24th floor....before we headed to change, we had to take a ride up to the top to see the pool!  That's my kids favorite part of staying in a hotel....going swimming!

That was officially the first vacation that baby Katea had ever been on and she was loving it so much!  She just got herself off oxygen within the last couple weeks so she didn't need it, but I took all her tanks and equipment just in case :)  So happy she didn't need any of it the whole time we were there!  She was so happy to be out and about...you could just see it in her eyes and her smiles.  The weather was warm and she could be outside.  She was loving all the action of everything going on and she was just happy that she was finally out of the house, and not in the hospital.

 The food at Nici's eating was so good!  Kiki and TiTonga went all out for him....they had it catered from a Japanese restaurant so there was chicken and beef and sushi and they even had these delicious red velvet cakes!  All the food was so good and we all just sat around eating and talking for several hours.  After the kids ate, they were all ready to leave and go back to the hotel so they could go swimming.....but we made them wait until we were done talking LOL, poor kids.  When it was starting to get dark, we headed to the hotel.....and I'm not talking about just my kids, I meant ALL the kids!  We were going to have a sleep over at the hotel!  We went straight to the room and they changed to their swimming suits and we headed to the roof.  Ova was in a lot of pain from being out and about that whole day, so he decided to stay in the room with baby Katea.  That actually turned out perfect because it was freezing up on the roof....and the pool wasn't heated!  Those crazy kids didn't seem to care, they just jumped into the freezing water and swam for a couple hours!
Tala dipped her feet in the pool for like 5 seconds, but it was too cold for her....so I took her back to the room to hang out with Ova and Katea.

After they were done swimming, we went and hung out around the fire pit to warm up....let me just tell you it's hilarious the conversations these boys have with each other....I had so much fun with them!

Then they were all starving after swimming so we headed back to the room.  Thank goodness Kiki's mom packed us a huge tray of food to take with us after the eating, because those 7 boys devoured it! LOL

You'd think they would have been so tired from waking up so early and for swimming for so long, but nope....they were wide awake!  They started telling riddles and before we knew it, all 7 boys were gathered around Ova on the bed telling riddles....laughing....being so noisey, but having so much fun!  That riddle session went on long after me and the girls went to sleep.  LOL.  Ova's such the cool uncle :)

I woke up that morning and there were boys scattered all over the room....some on the bed, some on the couch, some on the floor LOL....I woke them all up and asked them if they wanted to go to breakfast.  The hotel had complimentary hot breakfast so we had to take advantage of it!  I took all the kids down to the breakfast and we let Ova get some sleep.

After breakfast we went back and got ready and headed back to Kiki & TiTonga's house to drop their kids off.  Ova wanted to take us to cruise the strip and go see Hoover Dam.  The rest of that day was just quality time for our little family.  We went to the Dam and it was so awesome!  I wasn't even picturing it as big as it actually was....it was really nice!  Mone kept saying "mom, let's so see the Transformers" LOL  I had to explain to them that they weren't really there, they just made the movie there....he was pretty bummed about that.  LOL.  Me and the kids got out and walked around a little bit and took some pictures, it was awesome!

By the time we were done site seeing, it was already dark and we were all tired so we made a stop at Church's Chicken and took the food back to the room....ate, then slept.  That was Sunday night and I started my graveyard shift on Monday night.  I had to be to work at 7pm.  We were trying to time it to make sure we had enough time to make it back so I wouldn't be late.  When we woke up Monday morning, the kids wanted to go swimming one last time.  I made them choose between breakfast or swimming because we didn't really have time for both.  They, of course, choose swimming.  LOL.  They went swimming for about an hour and then we went and packed up all our things and got ready to leave.

Before we left Vegas we stopped by the house again to say bye.  We were running a little late on time so we didn't stay long....just thanked them for an awesome weekend and we were off.  Ova actually drove home and he literally dropped me off at work before going home. LOL.  Talk about cutting it short!  I'm so glad we went and so glad that Ova came with us....what a fun family vacation!  Hopefull we'll get to do it again soon!

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