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November 21, 2011

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Filimone had his Thanksgiving Feast today at preschool.  Each kid was assigned some type of finger food to bring and the teacher provided turkey and ham (the sandwich meat because you can only bring store bought stuff....school rule!)  They sat around in a big circle and talked about why we have Thankgiving.....they learned about the reason for the feast.....they learned about the pilgrims and the Indians.  They made little indian headbands and played some Thanksgiving games.  After they were done eating and playing.....Mrs. Shannon sat them all down and gave them 3 paper feathers to put on their headbands.  She told each kid that they had to name 3 things they were thankful for....and she would help them write it on their feathers....then they could stick it on their headbands.  These were the three things my Filimone said he was thankful for today:

1- That his baby sister is still alive

2- For his mom and dad for always visiting his baby sister so she can get better and come home

3- He's thankful for himself

I was laughing at the 3rd thing he's thankful for....because that's just totally his personality....I can just see it....his teacher asked for the 3rd thing he's thankful for and he probably said "Me" with a duh sound in his voice.  haha  My little fatso Mone cracks me up!

I was grateful for the first two things he's thankful for.  One of the things that makes me so happy and proud is to see how much love my boys have for their little sisters.....and I'm glad that he understands how important it is that we take time everyday to go and be with baby Katea! 

After I picked Mone up from school, we headed over to pick Makai up from his school.  When Makai got in the van, he looked at Mone's headband with the feathers and he started reading the things that Mrs. Shannon wrote....the things Mone was thankful for.  Before he was able to finish reading them, Mone interrupted and put a little disclaimer out there.....he told him that he didn't get to tell his teacher that he's thankful for Makai or Lautala because he only got 3 feathers.  But he told Makai if he had 5 feathers, he would be thankful for both of them.

So cute!  I love my kids!  :)


The Lomu Family said...

Aww! I love Filimone, he's so sweet :) He's too funny. Great post Mon!


that is so cute and sweet! Don't u love the lil things kids say, they're so honest and I love it! Your Filimone is just the cutest :)

Aki said...

LOL...what sweet inocence...your son is so funny!