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November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

As Halloween was rolling around I told my boys to pick out what they wanted to be.  I like to try and make their costumes, just so they can be unique and different from all the costumes that people buy from the store.  I've been attempting to make their costumes for the past couple years, and they've turned out pretty nice, so this year was no different. 

Makai wanted to be a football player, which honestly, I was not too excited about....Ova used to always tell me that the only costume they ever wore when they were younger was their football uniforms...because their parents just never bought them costumes.....I just always thought that football costumes, or any sports costumes really, meant the parents were too lazy to buy or make a real costume (no offense to all those halloween sports player moms :/ ) hahaha....but Makai found Ova's old high school uniform and he really wanted to wear it....it did look kinda cool because the pads were HUGE on him, so he looked like a monster football player......I at least talked him into being a dead football player so I could paint his face a little....hahaha.....here's what our dead football player looked like:
Totally acting the part...haha

Mone wanted to be a devil.....I thought that was pretty easy to make.  I hit up the after Halloween sales at Walmart last year and got a bunch of face paint and little costume kits for like $.25 to $1....one of the kits was a devil kit, so I used that for Mone.  I was going to just slick his hair back, but Ova told me to part it in two on the top and put buns on the top of his head.....to make him look like hell boy.  I couldn't picture in my mind what Ova was picturing, but it actually turned out so awesome!  It was so much fun because Ova was totally involved this year and helped me make their costumes.  I was telling Ova that I wanted to stop by the dollar store to see if I could find Mone a devil pitchfork.  He told me to hold on and he disappeared.  A little while later I asked Mone to go find him and he was in the garage with the table saw, making Mone a devil pitchfork out of a peice of wood he found.  We covered the handle with black electric tape and Ova used the glue gun to glue the red material to the fork part....it turned out awesome!  The makeup kit had horns for the head, hair for his chin and fake teeth.....after we got everything put together, he looked awesome!  Here's our little hell boy/devil! 
He's so funny to because everytime he was in his costume, he totally acted the part.....you can totally tell by all the pictures!

Then there's Lautala.  I was super excited about her costume, because it was whatever I wanted to make for her.  I decided I wanted to make her a flower costume.  I had no idea how I was gonna make it happen, or even how it would turn out....but it all worked out great!  I went with my mom to Walmart one day after visiting baby Katea at the hospital.....I told her about my idea, and we must have walked the entire store trying to find something we could use to make the flower petals.  We needed something sturdy enough to stand up, but light enough to not fall over because of the weight.  I was getting discouraged after about an hour in the store and still nothing.  Then my mom spotted some zip ties.  There was a package that someone had opened and spilled all over the floor.  She picked a couple up and started holding it together.....we figured that was the best thing we'd seen so far because it was both sturdy and light.  We headed over to the material section and bought some scratch material to make the petals....I had in my mind how I wanted it to all come together, I was just worried about it turning out.  I pulled out my glue gun and started gluing the zip ties together into the shape of petals....this is what the petals looked like before they were covered:

I wanted to make sure she was warm, so I got her a green sweat suit with a hoodie and my idea was to put the petals around the hood of the sweater so her face was the flower and her body the stem.  I first tried sewing the material around the zip tie petals I made, but they were too flexible and they would bend and move too much that the sewed ones looked deformed.  So I turned back to my trusty glue gun....and the whole costume was made with the glue gun!  As I was covering all the petals with the material, Ova was cutting the brown jagged peice that was going around the middle.  It turned out awesome....even better than I had pictured it in my mind.  Here's our little sunflower!:

The first Halloween festivities we went to was the ATOP trunk-or-treat with my little sister Marie and her kids.  My kids don't dance with them (yet) but we still tagged along.  It was so much fun and so well organized!  They had food and entertainment....music...prizes, and lots and lots of candy from all the parents!  The kids walked around in circles, over and over again until all the candy was handed out!  My kids had tons of fun...they always do when they hang out with their cousins!  Marie is so creative and made some of her kids costumes too....her daughter Amelia's was my most favorite...she was such a cute little scarecrow!
After the kids ate, and the trunk-or-treat was over, they announced the prizes.....and guess who won the best costume??  Yep, my little devil won.....I honestly think it was more his personality than anything else, because he was so funny acting the part....he was almost more interested in scareing the younger kids and keeping his 'evil' face on than he was in getting the candy!  hahaha He won a whole box of chips and he totally felt so special!  haha little fatso!

This is one of my favorite pictures.....I love the caught-in-the-moment action pictures....and this one is just so cute with Makai walking with his little sister!  The football player and the flower....so cute!  :)

On Halloween day, the boys were so lucky to spend it with their Gramma Cindy.  Filimone invited her to go on his fieldtrip to Gardner Village to see the witches......Gramma came up early enough to go to Makai's school to watch his halloween parade before going on the fieldtrip with Mone. 

Makai actually had both his Gramma's there to watch him....Gramma Cindy and Gramma Tea.  They both dressed up to support and have fun as well....G-ma Cindy was a cat and G-ma Tea wore one of my older sister's costumes and was Jack the skeleton from the Night before Christmas.........hahaha......they looked great!

After Makai's parade, we left and he stayed at school....we went home to get Mone ready for his field trip.  He was so excited, not only to be putting his costume back on, but that he was going on a field trip, and going with his G-ma.  They said they had lots of fun there....I got a couple pictures of them before they left.....Mone cracks me up!

On Halloween night, Ova and I took our kids trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.  It was so much fun to see them so excited, going from house to house.....especially to see Lautala getting so into it!  She was too cute trying to be independent.....she didn't want to hold our hands, she was dragging her bucket all over the place because it was so full of candy that it was too heavy for her....but she still didn't want help.  After about 10 houses, she was getting tired.....Ova ran home to get her stroller and as soon as she got in it, she knocked out!  She was done!
Then Mone got tired and wanted to stop......but Makai had so much energy and wanted to keep on going and going!  haha

At about 7:30pm we headed back home to get ready to go to the hospital.  We told the nurses we'd come by to show them our boys' costumes....plus we made them a little Halloween treat bag from baby Katea, thanking them for taking such good care of her.  I just had to visit my baby girl on her first Halloween.......plus, I wanted to see her in her Halloween costume!  Yep, I made her a costume too!  She was my mini-flower.....who said she couldn't dress up just because she's in the hospital??   :)

After Halloween was over, we put baby Katea's flower costume on her angel teddy from her sister's funeral.  It's always sitting right next to her on top of her bed, watching over her! 

So there you have it.....I had a dead football player, a hell boy/devil.....and two little sunflowers!  Halloween was a great day!  :)


Tina Tuakoi said...

You are super Mom! I love all of their costumes, and baby Katea.. She is soo beautiful and the cutest little flower!

The Lomu Family said...

OMG! I just LOVE Lautala and Baby Katea's costume :) How cute, Glad you guys had an awesome Halloween!