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November 16, 2011

My Smarty Pants

We bought a Leap Frog dvd a while back from a garage sale.....what a great purchase!  I think it was like 50 cents or something crazy like that....best 50 cents I've ever spent!  It's called "The Letter Factory" and it goes through all the letters of the alphabet, how they are spelled...both uppercase and lower case...and their sounds.  I've been putting it on everyday for my Mone and Lautala to watch, and they honestly have learned so much from it.

I was sitting on my bed blogging one night....I turned on the movie to give them something to do.....Lautala was sitting on the end of the bed watching the movie very intently....and all the sudden I had to stop what I was doing to watch my little 1 year old singing to the top of her lungs along with the movie...

"The A says A, the A says A, every letter makes a sound, the A says A"

She was waiving her hands in the air, singing right along with the movie.....the whole entire alphabet.  That was a proud moment for me!  Good job smarty pants! 

There's also a game you can play....where the dvd gives you a sound and you have to choose which letter goes with it.  Mone has mastered that game!  Like I said, Leap Frog DVD from the garage sale was such a great investment!!

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The Lomu Family said...

I need to get one of those for Pailate!

YAY for Lautala, smart little girl!