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September 27, 2010

Makai-Fatai Reunion

So my Dad comes from 5 kids, he's the oldest.  2 of his brothers live here in Utah, the other brother and his only sister still live in Tonga.  His brother Tevita that lives in Tonga came for the summer and we decided to all get together....for what would be the 1st annual Makai-Fatai Family Reunion!  Funny that we call it that, cause it's probably the shortest reunion in the history of family reunions, lasting less than 24 hours....but how long it was doesn't really matter because we all got to spend time together and we all had so much fun!  I think the reason it was so short was because it was sort-of decided and thrown together at the very last minute.  We all met up on Friday night at the Spanish Fork Reservoir to camp, and oh my goodness.....that place was amazing!!  It's honestly the perfect place to camp...it's clean, beautiful views, no bugs, it has a pavilion, it's own man-made reservoir, a playground for the kids and beautiful green grassed areas where you can pitch your tents.  Seriously, it was breathtakingly beautiful up there. 
I was so surprised that we were camping in September and it was so warm....all throughout the night!  So warm that we slept with the tent door open and no blankets.  It was windy, but it was warm wind and it felt so nice!  I dressed Lautala in a thermal onesie and she threw a fit in the middle of the night cause she was hot so I took it off her and she slept in her diaper...haha!  I told Ova, this is so going to be our camping spot from now on!!  :) 
We all potlucked and met up under the pavilion for dinner.  They went all out with puaka tunu and all.  We sat there talking and playing cards, listening to music and laughing until like one in the morning.  Just enjoying everyone's company.  Slowly as everyone got tired, they headed to their tents to sleep.  Nothing huge planned for the next morning, just a big breakfast with everyone together and then swimming in the reservoir.  The breakfast was delicious, everything you can think of was there....from pancakes to biscuits and gravy to bacon and eggs, to dougnuts and muffins.  It was delicious!  After breakfast we all went and took our tents down and got ready to go swimming.  The reservoir was within walking distance and it's pretty good sized.  They brought in sand and had a big beach on one side of it and on the opposite side of the reservoir were the fishers posted all day catching fish!  I didn't get to swim because the water was WAY too cold for Lautala, but I got some good pictures of everyone else in the water!!
After spending all day in the water, everyone was cold, tired and hungry!  We dried off and walked back up to the fire pit to roast some hot dogs on a stick along with some chips for lunch.  There were only a few of us left at that point, most everyone else had already gone home.  It was a very very short family reunion, but I'm glad it's something we started....now we gotta take it and run next year!  Next year will be longer, and even better!  Love my family!

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