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September 27, 2010

Lagoon with the Dannon Folk....

Can I just say that I LOVE my husband's job! Dannon is such an awesome company to work for and I just seem to get more and more amazed as the time goes on at how well they treat their employees and their employees families. I could go on and on about all the perks and benefits they offer their employees, but I'll just focus on the latest and greatest!!
Dannon Lagoon Day!! Usually they have a specific day set aside where they close their plant and the whole company goes to Lagoon for the day....all expenses paid, including 3 meals and snacks....and to top it off, the GET PAID while they're at Lagoon, CRAZY, I know, but this year they did it a little differently. Not too long ago they took a bunch of their employees to Orlando for a soccor tournament and Disneyworld, so they didn't go all out with the Lagoon day, but still it was a blast!! :) They gave us all tickets to get into Lagoon for free and they paid for our parking...there are quite a lot of Poly's that work there now, and they're all either related or really good friends, so we have our own little Dannon family going on...hahaha! Well, we all decided on a day to head out and we met up there bright and early when it opened! The kids had a blast and since the majority of Dannon wives are prego right now (except me and Talia..haha) they couldn't ride the rides so we focused totally on the kids. It was so much fun!
We still had a couple extra tickets and they're good for the entire 2010 season, so I think Ova and I will go back for a date night at Frightmares.....that's another blog post coming!  haha

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