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January 30, 2010

Lautala's Birth Announcement

I know she's 3 weeks old already, but I just finished her birth announcements. Thanks to Loyann's great photography work and my photoshop program! Here you go!


Ray and Kass said...

These are so cute! I really need to just break down and buy Photoshop already.. lol She is so precious Mon.. Hope you're feeling great..

Melissa said...

What a cute announcement for you little one! I have never done one of those. When I have my next child I will look into it.


Great job Monica!!! love it!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful I love it! Congrats again!

Melissa said...

Love your guts too! I just wish we could hang out more. Next time I am in Utah we are going to have to get together. I know you have your hands full but I am sure I could sneak in a few minutes. I sure miss ya! I have lots of more pics to send you that I found from a long time ago while we were all in Utah. Send me your email address, because I don't really know which one you use. I have a few but everytime I send you something it always comes back too.
Love ya, hope all is well with that sweet girl!
Don't worry about what you said about me having 3 children, because really I do. I only mention that I have 4 kids to those who know what happened. But to everyone who doesn't, I have 3. Isn't three a handful? Got to love life!

Ane said...

Congrats Monica!! She is beautiful! It's great to connect on blogs huh!
I love the invite, I have photo shop but I am still learning how to use it. Your kids are adorable!! Have a great weekend!

Love ya!



ur baby is gorgeous! Congrats :]