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May 14, 2008

Beautiful Cancun Mexico

In February 2008 we took another family vacation to Cancun, Mexico. It was so nice and clean and warm! It was actually one of the cheapest vacations we've taken because we found a nice all inclusive resort for like $69 a night (kids were free) and it included all the food and drinks and activities. I think we're a bunch of beach bums because we always go towards the warm sun and the sandy beaches. We stayed at the hotel Flamingo which was right across the street from Margaritaville....they were bumpin their music all night long! The views were amazing! Cancun is a little strip of island so you have a perfect view of the beach and ocean from anywhere you are. We took a million pictures, but I just put a few of them in these two collages so you can get a taste of our trip to Cancun. The pictures on the top are from when we took a little boat ride to the isla de mujeres, it was just a little island off of Cancun that was surrounded by white sandy beaches. The top left corner was the view of the beach from our room....if you are pondering on a vacation spot.....we HIGHLY recommend this spot! It gets a 10!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Monica this is Brittney Gleaves, how are ya? I just wanted to say that i have been to Cancun, i was actually there in February the same time as you. I also went to that island, and yes Cancun is beautiful! Hope your doing good! talk to ya later!