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May 3, 2013

Tala's Dance Recital

The time came around again to put Tala in Niki's dance class.  I was really hesitant to do it because last time she completely chickened out and threw a fit and refused to dance at the recital.  I didn't want her to do that again.  But then I was talking with Ova and we were talking about how Tala used to be super duper shy.....like annoyingly super shy......she hung on to my dress and hid behind me whenever we went somewhere, and if anyone talked to her , she would bury her face into my clothes.  She had stranger danger to the extreme!  I talked to Niki about it before I put her in last year and she suggested I just do it.  She said she was the same way when she was younger, but by dancing and being around other people besides her family, she learned to open up.  That's what I was hoping for!  The first couple dance classes, she just stood in the corner watching, not wanting to participate and not wanting anyone to talk to her.....slowly she would try little things, a little dance move here....and little dance move there.  Finally, little by little she started to get more comfortable.  It was me putting her in dance that has completely opened her up and she's learned to not be so scared, and shy around people.  That's exactly what I wanted it to do...so regardless of the fact that she didn't participate in the actual recital, I did notice a huge improvement just from going to the classes.
I did end up putting her in dance this time around and she was like a totally different little girl!  She was excited and outgoing and she didn't even make me stay at the dance practices with her...she told me I could leave because she was a big girl!  lol  I don't know if it's because she's a little bit older now or what, but she's a completely different person socially than she was last year and I love it!
This year they did Michael Jackson for their theme and their little class got to do 2 different numbers and then they were included in the grande finale at the end.  I wasn't sure how Tala was going to react dancing in front of an audience, but it didn't phase her one little bit!  She's a big girl now!
She's the youngest in her class, she's 3 and the other 3 girls are 5, but she kept right up with them and danced her little heart out.  I was super duper proud of her, she did such a great job!

Tala with her dance teacher Niki Moleni Alusa!
One with her daddy after her performance.....
These two are best friends.....my biggest helper and my little miracle!

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