"Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies. I promise you that if you will keep your journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to you, each other, your children, your grand-children and others throughout the generations. Remember, the Savior chastised those who failed to record important events." --President Spencer W. Kimball

May 17, 2013

Seusssical.....Dr. Suess Musical

Jalen and Halle invited us to their school play so Marie and I took our girls and headed down to Saratoga Springs to watch them preform.  OMGosh they did an amazing job!!!  It was an elementary school, but it was a high school quality performance.  Seriously, I was kinda blown away with how well put together it was....how awesome their costumes were....how all the kids knew and memorized their parts.  They did an awesome job! 
Jalen and Halle were Who's from Whoville....and they were getting all into it!
Proud Aunty moment!

So glad we took time to go and watch them...what a fun night!
Leslie and her little actresses.....(aren't the costumes so awesome?!)
Group picture!
Halle ~ Lia ~ Jalen ~ Lote
And these two fielelei girls posing off to the side....lol
After the performance, we took the kids to buy some pizza and we took them to Leslie's house to eay and play.  It was Leslie's birthday so Marie and I took her out.  We just went to Kneaders and ate and talked.  We don't get together very often and it was nice to spend time with my sissys!

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