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October 8, 2012

The bubble surrounding my Dad

My sisters and I joke that there's some sort of spiritual bubble around my dad, protecting him.  We joke about it, but it really is true!

There have just been so many times, that things should have happened or he should have been hurt, or hurt a lot worse than he is........but he isn't.  Like, for example, the 4-wheeler accident he had with my nephew Tani a few months ago.  He was thrown through a barbed wire fence so hard that he broke the wires in half.....and all that happened was scratches on him...pretty deep scratches, but with some stitches they healed quickly.  Tani should have been hurt so much worse than he was....or even killed, but my dad protected him.

At work the other day I got a call from my little sister Marie.  She was asking me if I had heard what happened to Dad.  I told her no, that I hadn't heard anything.....she told me that he was in a serious car accident.  His truck was totaled and they thought he broke his back.  Immediately I start crying and panicing.  Marie told me she was on her way to the hospital ER to see him, and that she'd call and keep me updated.  As soon as we hung up the phone, I tried calling my mom....no answer, I called my dad.....no answer, I called my mom again several times.......finally my mom picks up and says, "we're with the doctor right now, we'll call you back"  and then she hangs up on me.  I was freaking out panicing, wondering if he's ok....if he broke his back....if he's paralyzed....wondering how serious he was.  I was going crazy!  I waited for a good half hour (that seemed like a lifetime) and my mom finally called me back.

I answered the phone in a panic and she very calmly says.  He's ok.  That calmed my nerves a little bit and at least I knew he wasn't dead, but I wanted to know what happened.  My mom starts explaining to me the story and then I hear my dad in the background telling her to give him the phone.  When he gets on the phone, I say "Dad, what's going on?  Are you ok?"  He says "Monica, why you cry?  I am fine.  You know my angels always protect me.  You need to have more faith"  I said "Don't ever scare me like that again" and he laughs and says he's sorry.  I told him that Marie told me he might have broken his back....and he laughs again and tells me he's fine.

He went on to tell me what happened.  He was driving in the left lane of a two lane street and the person on his right side decides he wants to go to the gas station on the left hand side of the street so he just cuts in front of my dad to turn left from the right lane.  My dad was going too fast to stop...and he slammed into the vehicle.  Both cars were totaled.  Two ambulances were called and both my dad and the guy that caused the accident were transported to the hospital.  My dad kept saying to me that the guy who he hit was next door and he hopes that he's ok.  He kept saying, "man Monica...I hit him hard, I hope he's ok"...  That's the kind of guy my dad is.  Always thinking about others, and putting others before himself.  I asked him if he's in pain and he said no, but he's a little sore....then he tells me that he's trying to make the doctors hurry up because he needed to get out of there so he could go and get ready for the BYU game that night.  I laughed, but he totally wasn't joking.  This weekend is general conference, so he starts to tell me how him and my mom are planning on taking all the grandkids that are over 8 to the conference center to watch it.  I keep telling him that he needs to take it easy, that he's probably feeling fine right now, but he'll probably be so sore tomorrow, and he probably won't want to do anything.  He again tells me he's fine. The doctor came back in and was asking my dad some questions, so my mom came back on the phone.

She tells me she has no idea how he is ok.  The truck is completely smashed and it's a miracle that he's not hurt more severely.  My mom is a nurse and she was actually working that day.  When the ER got his information, they called her to tell her that her husband was in a car accident and he was in an ambulance enroute to the ER.  That was how my mom found out.  She finished up what she was doing and went and met him in the ER.  When they were ready to discharge him, my mom called my little brother to go pick him up and take him home....because she had to go back to work.  She told my dad to rest and to take it easy. 

My dad walked out of there like he wasn't just in a serious accident.  He did break his back, but it was just a hairline fracture....which was such a blessing.  He left the hospital with my brother and they went straight to Chuck-A-Rama because he was hungry.  He did go to the BYU game that night, and took the grandkids to conference that weekend.  He's a trooper.  He truly has angels surrounding him, protecting him, watching over him to keep him safe.  He is blessed.  We are blessed.

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pwincessdi said...

Your dad definitely has angels watching over him. One of which is Baby Cindy (: That's so awesome of your dad to catch the BYU game & taking the g'kids to conference!! You truly take after your dad. Xoxo I'm glad he's ok.