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October 29, 2012

Another year older and wiser too! LOL

So yesterday was my birthday.....Happy Birthday to me :).....the big ole 33.  I actually can't believe I'm that old now......33 sounds soooooo old, but I don't feel that old!  LOL  I felt super special all day because of all the texts, fb messages and IG shout-outs that I got........totally felt the love!  I had to work all day long, and Makai was totally bummed about that.  He kept saying "but mom, how are we going to celebrate your birthday if you're working all day?"  I told him not to worry....my birthday is not that important because I'm already old.  He got so mad when I said that and said "your birthday is important, don't ever say it's not" LOL  I did work all day, which sucked....I worked 7a-7p.......so that wasn't much fun, but I got an awesome surprise about half way through my shift.....Tea brought my kids to my work with a dozen roses, a birthday cake (Tea's homemade triffle cake, which is my absolute favorite) and some cute notes that my kids wrote for me.  Mone had a little birthday present that he wrapped for me.....the wrapping paper that he used was a dollar bill and he wrapped up 2 pennies for me.  He told me he'd been saving it for my birthday and that I can use it to buy a candy from the candy machine if I get hungry while I'm working.  So sweet! 

My Tala girl picked these yellow flowers for me :)

My absolute favorite cake!  I like it even better than chocolate cake!  It's white cake with cherry jello drizzled into it, pudding, bananas & whipped cream on top.....delicious!  Yummy!

My note from Makai :)

From Filimone :)

And Ova's taking me out to dinner tonight!  :)
I'm so excited for that because we haven't been a date for a long long time.  He's still bedridden and in pain, but he's going to go in a wheelchair, for me, for my birthday.  I love him!

A lot has happened this past year....and I'm so glad it's behind me now!  I remember on my birthday last year I spent most of the day in the NICU, baby Katea was just over a month old and I had already started holding her, but I was only allowed to hold her once a week for one hour.  I held her a few days before my birthday, but when my birthday came around....they let me hold her again.  That was the highlight of my birthday last year!  Back then she was just barely 2lbs......and now she's 18lbs and growing and healthy!  After work I took the cake that was leftover home, and guess who LOVED the cake.....little Miss Katea!  My mom came up after I got off work to wish me a happy birthday.  She gave me her old printer/scanner/fax machine and brought me brand new ink refills and help me set it up.  I'm 33 years old and she's still spoiling me!  :)  We dished the cake out for everyone to have some and my mom was sitting right by baby Katea, eating her cake.  Baby wanted some.  My mom gave her a bite and she went crazy....she couldn't eat it fast enough LOL...I wish I would have gotten some pictures of her because she was grubbin on that cake, without even choking....and she ate most of my mom's bowl!  Haha.....wow how much has happened, and far she's come in a year! 

I'm so blessed, I know that for sure.  I have a loving husband, 4 beautiful kids, a guardian angel, a good job, great friends, and a wonderful family.....  What more could I ask for?

It was a very very happy birthday for me!  :)

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pwincessdi said...

Im glad Tea brought the kids over to your work. That's sweet & thoughtful!! Your kids are just thee sweetest, they really honor you as their mother. You are doing a good job in raising em (: HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY MON!! Luv ya blue iguana ;) ;)