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August 22, 2010

Topsy Turvy

So I'm so proud of myself....I grew my first tomatoes this year!   I saw an info-mercial on tv about an upside-down planter that can grow tons and tons of tomatos, it's called the Topsty Turvy....
 We bought 2 from Wal-Mart, one for Tea and one for me!  Since I'm a huge fan of Roma tomatoes, I chose to plant some Romas....Tea decided to stick with the regular tomatoes.  I wish I would have taken before pictures...but I didn't.  The kit was $10 and it came with the planter....we bought the already seeded tomato plants, the soil and some fertilizer and planted our little tomato babies.... it's taken a couple months for them to actually spring forward some fruit, but they're finally blossoming!  I've got 10-15 little red Romas, and tons of green ones waiting to turn red!  We picked the red ones, cut them up and ate them on hoagie sandwiches....they were DELICIOUS!!  I'm so proud of my little tomato plant!  :)  Maybe next year I'll get brave and try a whole vegetable garden!  We'll see!  :)

Tea's plant started growing flowers way before mine ever did, and I was getting a little discouraged....but both of our plants have flourished with tomatoes!!  Tea's got a lot more on her plant that still need to turn red, but we'll be eating our own home-grown little tomatoes for the next little while! 


Tina Tuakoi said...

I remember seeing this when we were there. You've got quite the green thumb! :) lol

Kiki Fangupo said...

You guys and Kina & Kesa could open your own market lol