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August 16, 2010

2nd Grade Already??!!

I can't believe the time has come for Makai to start 2nd grade already......but today was the day! 

I had a hard time on Makai's first day of Kindergarden....which was normal (I thought) cause my baby boy was all grown-up and going to school.  I STILL had a hard time when he started 1st grade.  I took him to school, walked him inside and met his teacher, went back out to the car and cried.  2nd grade should have been fine, because come on now....he's been in school for 2 years already....but NOPE!  I tried really hard to choke up the tears, but it didn't work.  Mone woke up bright and early with me and Makai cause he wanted to go with me to take Makai to school.....he was trying to comfort me, it was cute! 
I guess I just have to accept that I'm the biggest cry baby ever, especially when it comes to my kids.....and there's nothing wrong with that!  haha  And to think Mone is going to start Pre-school this year.....oh no....hahaha!

To be completely honest with you.....I LOVE having my kids at home with me.  I miss them when they're in school.  Summer-time and off track times are the best!  Makai's school just changed their time this year so they don't start until 9am and don't get off until 4pm....that just seems like a WAY LONG day at school.... Makai goes to Hayden Peak Elementary and they are year-round...I'm not a fan of year round school, especially because the track he's on makes his vacation times different from his brother and all his cousins.  Makai, on the other hand LOVES school and all his friends and is so excited when it's time for him to go to school.

Makai was all set for school this year thank to Gramma Tea.  Ova and I bought him some pants, but that was about it.  We woke up on Saturday morning and there was a HUGE pile of clothes on the living room floor.  Tea woke up bright and early and took Makai garage-saleing and to the DI.  She's the queen of bargain shopping and she pretty much always hits the jack-pot!  Majority of my kids clothes come from the DI, and you'd probably never be able to tell!!  :)  All his clothes for 2nd grade cost only $40!  Gotta love it! 

Last night before we went to bed, Ova gave Makai a father's blessing.  Blessed Makai to be smart and obedient, blessed the teacher to be patient and kind.... it was a very nice and special blessing and a great way to prepare him for this new adventure he's starting.....2nd grade!


Siu said...

Still can't believe how grown they are! Garage Sales & DI are the BOMB.COM!! My kids are the same! :)

Dasl*it Photography said...

They grow up so fast.. Im shooting my kids on Sunday evening for school shots at the park near Harmons on Cougar lane, let me know if you wanna bring your kids down..


Love the first day of school, I swear I have more butterflies about the first day then do the divas lol

Melissa said...

Wow, the 2nd grade? He is growing up fast. Keaton will start Kindergarten here in 2 more weeks. It is so sad to see them grow up so fast but so fun to see them get out and try new things and experience them for themselves.
I have a question, what program do you use to do your announcements? What a great talent you have for that.
I hope you are doing well. Love ya!

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Hey Quinn....I just use Photoshop Elements...

Kiki Fangupo said...

I'm comparing him to the picture you have on the left (your profile column) and can't believe how much he's grown. He really looks like a big boy! My kids will forever be the runts of the family.