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August 15, 2010

Makai's Faith

Today in church, we talked about the Priesthood.  What it is, how important it is, why we have it, who it comes from and what can be done with it.  We are very blessed to have it!  I am very blessed to have so many people around me that have it, honor it and use it. 
The lesson today made me remember a situation that happened with Makai when Ova and I were in Tonga.  I cried when I first heard about it.  I cried again during the lesson today in church.  I want to share it.  Makai is a silent observer, he notices things and picks up on things that we don't even notice he is.  He's got a lot of faith for a little kid.  I'm grateful for that.  It always amazes me how whenever he is sick, he asks his dad for a father's blessing and almost immediately after the blessing, he feels better.  It used to annoy me because I thought he was faking his illness.  But, I learned a lesson while I was away.... Makai has great faith in God, in the priesthood, and in the fact that blessings can heal.

Ova and I were sitting in the LAX airport waiting for our flight to New Zealand.  Tea called us and said that Mone was complaining of an earache.  Mone has never had an ear infection before and at first I thought he was just being dramatic because he knew we were going to be gone for a little while.  I told Tea to give him some Motrin and let him sleep, hopefully that would help.  A few hours later she called back and said she thinks she saw blood coming out of his ear (she's a little dramatic herself when it comes to her grandkids)  I told her she probably should take him to the hospital to get checked, especially if there is blood.  We hung up the phone with her and were waiting for her to call back and keep us updated.  A few hours later she called us from the hospital, crying.  Mone was fine, that's not what she was crying about....she was crying about what happened before they left the house to go to the hospital. 

Mone was crying hysterically, he kept telling Tea his ear was on fire.  Tea was scrambling around trying to get everything situated to take Mone to the hospital.  Makai came to the living room and told Mone to sit on the couch.  He went into me and Ova's room, in Ova's dresser drawer and grabbed a vile of oil.  He went into the living room put some oil on Mone's head, put his hands on his head and said a prayer.  Tea told us his prayer was short, simple and to the point.  He said "Heavenly Father, my mom and dad are in Tonga and my brother is sick.  Please make him feel better"  he closed his prayer and told Mone that he prayed to Heavenly Father like daddy does when he's here.....so everything was going to be okay.  Makai helped Tea get Mone into the van and they went off to the hospital...the whole time Makai was telling Tea not to worry about Ma and Lautala, he would take care of them.  I couldn't stop crying when Tea called us from the hospital to tell us what Makai did.  My little 6 year old child has the faith of the prophets of old, the faith that can move mountains.

Mone did have an ear infection, he left the hospital with antibiotics.  He left the hospital feeling better.  He left the hospital knowing that the prayer Makai gave him made him feel better.

I can learn a lot from the faith of my son.

When Ova and I got back from Tonga we asked Makai what happened.  He very nonchalantly said 'I blessed Mone to feel better because Dad wasn't here'  I told him that I was very proud of him for taking care of his brother, and I explained to him about the priesthood.  Daddy has the priesthood and can give blessings.  What Makai did for Mone was a prayer, not a blessing, because you have to have the priesthood to give a blessing, and you don't get the priesthood until you're 12 years old.  Makai understood.  Our conversation ended with Makai knowing that Ova and I were so proud of him, but next time he doesn't need to get the oil.  His prayer is just as powerful.


Kase Tamoua said...

Mon, you have such an amazing lil man. You both have set such wonderful examples for him to follow. This story touched me so much and reminded me of a talk you gave in sacrament shortly after you were married. You said because Ova and you had both served missions and had been married in the temple you should expect no less from your children. Everything that Makai is has been because of his parents example. He sees how strong your faith is and knows how the priesthood heals. You're both doing such great jobs on the 3 blessings you've been given. I love you guys and thank you to Makai for his beautiful example and helping to build my faith.


Love it!!! What a smart kid you have!!! thanks for sharing so sweet

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Thanks Kase....how funny I don't even remember giving that talk....funny that you remembered! Thank you for your kind words....you are so sweet! Ova and I love you and your kids very much! :)

"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

Tear jerker.... I love you so much Makai! You take after your name.