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October 3, 2009

Makai Kids Birthday Bash

The majority of grandkids on the Makai side celebrate their birthdays around the same time, between the months of July-September.... this year we decided to have one big birthday bash instead of celebrating them all separately. We all went to Leslie's house on Jalen's actual birthday and celebrated all the kids' birthdays. They all felt so special and had so much fun!

At first we went to the park and let them play on the playground....the weather was so nice, not too hot....nice and breezy! Patrick stayed back for a little bit to prepare our lunch for us! Chili-cheese hot dogs, with chips and drinks. We all ate the hotdogs and then Marie played some games with the kids... one of the games she played was having each child stand up and saying something nice, or something that they like about their cousin...it was funny some of the things they came up with... things like "I like his eye-balls" or "she's nice to me sometimes"....hahaha it's so funny to hear the things that kids say. After that, we went back to the house... the kids wanted to walk from the park to the house, which really is not that close...so my Mom, Leslie, Marie and me drove back to the house and waited for them to come running around the corner.

All the kids made their own individual birthday cakes (we actually used the warm delights from Marie's coupon shopping, but it turned out so nice!) They all got to decorate their little cakes with sprinkles and a candle,

and we sang Happy Birthday a few times while they ate their masterpeices!!!
When their cakes were gone and their faces were covered in chocolate, we went outside for the 2 pinata's that uncle Patrick bought. One was Hanna Montana for the girls, and the other one was Cars for the boys. It was funny because Filimone said "I want Hanna Montana, she's my girlfriend" Crazy little boy! They got TONZ of candy....and had so much fun!

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