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August 24, 2009

My baby started 1st grade... :-(

Makai turned 6 years old on July 16th, and I can't believe it. Seems like just yesterday when we brought him home from the hospital, and now he's grown and starting 1st grade. Makai is such a good kid! He's such a good older brother to Filimone, he's caring and patient and giving. He graduated from kindergarden a few months ago and was SOOOOO excited to take the next step and start first grade. He started this past Monday, when I took him to his school to meet his teacher, Mrs. Newman and to see where his classroom was. It was so funny because Makai is a little shy when he first meets new people, and he was acting the same to his new teacher...after a couple minutes, he warmed up and started asking a bunch of questions. The teacher explained to him how the classroom was going to work and went over where to put his coat and backpack. She gave him a big piece of paper and a marker and asked him to write his name on it. He did and looked at me and smiled a big "I'm so smart mom" smile, I just had to laugh. His teacher told him to take his name and pick any desk in the classroom and that would be his desk for the entire school year. He took his paper and started walking around the room...he started at the back and made his way up to the front of the class. The desk he picked was right smack dab in the middle front row of the class. His teacher seemed pleasantly surprised and said, I'm glad you want to sit in the front I'm going to ask you a lot of questions! Makai said really quickly and loudly, OK!! I'm so proud of my little guy and I'm even more happy that he loves school so much.... I hope he'll still feel like that when he's in junior high and high school! We left and went back home and I was explaining to Ova how it went....the first thing he said was "did you cry?" Shows how much he knows me huh....I did cry...like the cry baby I am! But it's just cause I'm so proud of my Makai!

(Makai and his proud Mama)

His actual first day of school was on Tuesday, and it was killing me how long he was gone....I'm not used to him being in all day school. He's gone from 830am to 330pm. When I went to drop him off in the morning, I parked and got out of the van and he looked at me and said "mom, you don't have to walk me to my class anymore, I'm in first grade now, I'm a big boy" I got back in the van and drove around to drop him off. He gave me a big kiss and hug and told me not to cry... and I watched my little man go off to his first day of 1st grade. My little baby is all grown up!


Adele said...

Aaaaah! That's not possible!!!!! :-S

"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

I guess we're all cry babies...cuz this made me cry Mon! Makai you are such a big boy now, and you get to eat lunch in the lunchroom! Tell Mrs. Newman she better be nice...or else!!! Have fun in 1st Grade!

Love you Makai. I wish you and Pita went to school together :(


why do kids grow too fast? it makes me sad!!! I opted to cry behind closed doors in the comfort of my bedroom :( best of luck Makai!! u get lunch time lol

Siu said...
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Snyder Family said...

Is he really that old? I remember when you had him. Time sure flys fast doesn't it. He will love school. They just I hope he has a great year. How fun for you.


hahah that's so weird cause my son is 6 and started 1st grade ...and his b'day is July 16th too!! How funny! Anyway this was such a sweet post. Don't worry about being a cry baby...in a month or so you'll be so happy he's gone all day! haha or maybe that's juss me! LMBO