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August 23, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!

One of my really good friends at work has a sister thats an ultrasound technician. We found out around the same time that we're both expecting, she's about 3 weeks behind me! She goes to her sister probably every couple weeks, just to be able to see that her little baby is doing okay... she told me if I ever wanted to go with her, I could just let her know...well, I asked when the soonest was that you could find out what you're having, and she said probably around 14 or 15 weeks....(when normally your doctor doesn't schedule your ultrasound until after 20 weeks.) I told her that at her next appointment, I wanted to tag along.... the only stipulation was that I had to take her sister out to lunch...which was totally a good deal! A free ultrasound to find the sex of my baby in exchange for a meal at Sonic Burger....I like it!! I went with her when I was just 15 weeks along and was very very pleased to find out that we are finally going to have a little girl!! YAY! I won't be the only girl anymore!! She'll be here in late December....probably around Christmas time! We are so excited and blessed and can't wait to meet her. The ultrasound picture above is our little princess at 15 weeks in the womb...if you look closely, you can see her blowing bubbles!! :-)



Congrats Mon!!! How exciting!!! So happy for you guys might I add what a gorgeous family you have!!!

Snyder Family said...

I am so jealous!!! I wish I had a girl. You deserve it. I love the idea of swapping a meal to know the gender of the baby. What a great deal. When are you due? I hope all is well. Give me a call will ya! I don't have your number. I lost it!