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August 31, 2009

Compliments of Pri*Sila Photography

So the last time we took family pictures with the whole Fangupo family was about 6 years ago, when Makai and Mote were like 3 months old. With Sau being gone for the last few years, we didn't want to take our pictures because our family just wasn't complete. You better believe that as soon as we knew the date that Sau would be home, Kiki and I were planning our family pictures...this time with about 7 more additions than our last picture back in 2003.... luckily, Kiki's older sister was kind enough, and patient enough, to take our family pictures. We went to a little spot up Little Cottonwood Canyon, and it was beautiful! Here are some of the pictures she took! Thanks Prisila, you're awesome!

Mom & Dad Fangupo

Fangupo Family Picture 2009

Family picture II

Ova's little family with Ma and Tea

Mom and her daughters, Siosiana & Alisi

Mom and all her daughters and granddaughters

Dad and his boys

Dad and his girls

Gramma Saane and her handsome grandsons

Makai and Filimone...my handsome boys!


Snyder Family said...

Those are beautiful pictures. What a crazy gorgeous family you have there. Your boys are toooo cute! Love it! Thanks for sharing~

Fiona and Hoko Tuakoi said...

Aww. . .Sila's the BEST!! Love your guys' family pictures!! :D You all look so BEAUTIFUL!! :D


what great pictures love this family