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May 5, 2009

No More Diapers.... YAY!!!

So Mone's been showing us all the signs that he's finally ready to be potty trained, like taking off his diaper after he goes and asking a lot of questions about the toilet... so we decided he's probably ready to be trained. I went to WalMart and bought him a pack of underwear and when I brought them home, he was so excited... his older brother was such a good helper and I just think it's so cute when Makai claps and cheers him on when he actually goes in the toilet. It took a lot longer for Mone to get the hang of it than Makai, that's for sure, Makai was unusually easy to train. He asked us if he could go pee-pee in the toilet and from that day on we bought him underwear and he NEVER once had an accident. He wanted to do it, and he never wore diapers after that. Mone, not so much. I was scared that he would have an accident overnight so I still put a diaper on him while he was sleeping...and it was funny because he would wake up in the morning and get mad that he didn't have his underwear on.I bought him one of those little kids toilets (which I totally hate because you have to dump it and clean it after he uses it...) but luckily he didn't really like it, so we decided to just let him use it as a stepping stool to reach the big toilet. After about a week and 6+ underwear in the garbage (because I wasn't about to wash it if he went #2) he's finally 100% potty trained!!! Just in time too because I just ran out of my coupon diapers!!


Siu said...


Snyder Family said...

Horray for potty training. Isn't it the greatest? I am going to start Andrew here pretty soon. I can't wait. Plus, you save so much when you don't have to buy them. Only problem is, now we have a newborn and they require more. Oh well!

Kiki Fangupo said...

Cool! good job Mone!