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May 26, 2009

Memorial Day.....Mom's Birthday.....

It was my mom's birthday on the 23rd, but since my mom and dad were busy all day that day, we decided to all get together on Monday to celebrate Memorial Day and Mom's birthday. We did what we always do....eat eat eat and watch the kids play on grampa's bikes... this time Uncle Daniel brought his 4-wheeler.... the kids have so much fun on that. He spends the whole night riding around with all the kids, making them take turns. He's the fun uncle, and all the kids know it! My dad stood at the bbq and made WAY TOO MUCH food for how many of us there were...but it was all good, we had a good time! The only thing that sucks about our little family get-togethers at my mom and dad's is the darn flies and mosquitos....since they live on the lake's shore...there are TONS and TONS of them.... almost enought to ruin the bbq, but we had to stand watch over the food with a paper plate swatting all the bugs away....they definetly need to invest in those bug killer things! But it was so nice to be with the family again!

Mom's birthday cake....we all thought it was so funny that my dad got a cake and had them write Cindy instead of Mom or Gramma..... we were teasing him and he just said... "hey, that's her name..." hahaha

And here are some random pictures from that day....
As you can tell, Mone is in the majority of the pictures...that would be because he follows me around when I'm taking pictures and says "cheese, mom take a picture of me..." He loves the camera!

Mone and Uncle Daniel

Finau and Filimone... 2 weeks apart in age!


Snyder Family said...

Those are some cute pics of your little guy. Mine loves the camera too. Hope you had a good one. How are you feeling?

Rasmussen Forever said...

Your family always has fun. That's awesome. Your little boy is the cutest. I love that he loves the camera.