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June 12, 2009

Auntie Leka

So Leka is my first cousin named after my mom. She came to the US when my grandparents passed away 2 years ago and stayed here with my parents. We love Leka! She's such a good Auntie to all the neices and nephews, and a good helper to my mom and dad. She's way talented and is always teaching dancing and braiding hair... we went down to my parent's house the other day and watched her braid my cousin McAbe's hair and it was SOOOOOO nice, so I asked her to try and braid Mone's hair. With him being only 2 years old I wondered how it would turn out because, let's face it.... 2 year olds just don't sit still that long.... but we were all pleasantly surprised. All we had to do was give him some candy and he sat still the whole time.... it turned out so nice and Mone loved how he looked so we'll probably be doing it more often.... here are some pictures of the first time he got his hair braided..... THANKS LEKA!!!


Snyder Family said...

Oh my gosh!!! He is just the cutest. Love the hair Monica! What a sweet boy!

Siu said...