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May 3, 2012

My Job

I've worked at SkyWest Airlines for going on 8 years now, and I love my job!  With a job at an airline, I've had a lot of awesome opportunities to travel the world....and we've definitely taken advantage of my flight benefits.  We used to fly to Hawaii almost every month, I went to Paris with my friends, we've been to California several times....Ova and I went to Tonga, New Zealand, Australia....it's been so nice to know that if we were both off work and we wanted to go somewhere, we could just go to the airport and hop on a flight to anywhere we wanted to (provided seats are open).  Our boys have traveled more than a lot of adults have.  Once we wanted to go to Puerto Vallarta, but I had an issue with my passport when we got to the airport....so instead of cancelling our trip, we went and jumped on the plane to Hawaii and spent the week there instead.  I love the freedom and ability to do that.  When I finally fixed my passport, we took our boys to Cancun.  Lautala's been to Hawaii.  We've been able to attend all of Ova's family events, whether they be in the US or internationally.....it's been a huge blessing for our family to meet and stay in touch with our extended families.......but with all the craziness and stress and bed rest and everything that happened last year, our travels had to stop. 

Not to long after I got admitted to the hospital, I found out that Skywest was going to be laying off more than half their workforce.  They furloughed everybody that was hired after 2004.  I was hired in 2005 :(  In the panic of the furlough, there was a lot of shifting of employees....people transferring to inflight to save their jobs.  People transferring outside to the ramp to keep their jobs.  Because of all the movement, there might have been a slight chance that I could have kept my job in customer service.  No such luck.  When all was said and done, the person that was 2 people in front of me on the seniority bid got to stay and everyone else was out of luck.  I was so sad the day I got the email saying that my seniority wasn't enough, that I was being furloughed.  7 years of dedication and multiple positions in supervisory and management roles.....and all I get is an email telling me I've been kicked to the curb.  It hurt.  I was so sad.  Once you work for an airline and see how awesome it is to travel for free.....it kindof gets into your blood and you just always need to work for an airline. 

Like I said, I got that email when I was in the hosptial....and one of my friends from work came to visit me and was telling me all the people who transferred out to the ramp to save their jobs.  A lot of the people she was mentioning had less seniority than I did.  I immediatly started making calls and made a big stink about why I didn't get the opportunity to go out to the ramp to save my job.  I didn't feel it was right that just becuase I was on a leave, I was automatically furloughed.  Thankfully my manager agreed, and they took me out of furlough staus and just left me on a leave.  The issue with the matter was that in order to be on the ramp, you have to pass an agility test...and since I was on leave and couldn't take the agility test, they thought it would be easier to just furlough.....they couldn't get rid of me that easliy!  haha  Thankfully, they kept me and told me that I am still employeed, but on leave....when I come back, if I pass the agility test I will be a ramper.....if I don't, I'm done.

Like I said earlier, I love my job.  I love the people I work with, my flight benefits, the opportunities I've had to advance....and I love that they've been so kind to work with me throughout this past year and all the stuff I've been through.  My leave of absense first started last year in July, when my doctor put me on bedrest.  They extended my leave once baby Katea was born.  They've extended my leave a few times since baby has been home.  I've been on leave from work for almost a whole year now, but I'm going back next month on June 5th.  I'm so grateful that they've worked with me for so long!  And I'm so grateful that I still have my job!

Here's to crossing my fingers that I pass the agility test and become a ramper!  That will mean I've worked in every departement at Skywest except for maintenance!  :)


Dianna Otukolo said...

Yay I'm so glad you get to keep your job, it doesn't surprise me at all that you fought to keep your job! You are a fighter, and a good one at that! Maybe you shoulda been a lawyer? hehe Anyway I hope to fly to all those international places one day!! :) Lets plan a trip!!! XOXO

Kalani said...

I worked on the ramp for Continental, and it was my favorite job I've ever had. I hope you pass your test and have a great time out there! :)

Kassie said...

When I left the HR department to go to Sysco I stayed PT on the ramp because I couldn't let go of my benefits that easily and I LOVED the ramp...it was so much fun and I lost some weight too throwin all those bags and running around :) I miss SkyWest but most of all my benefits..paying for 5 plane tickets SUUUUCKS! You will pass your test...it's not all that bad..just have to lift bags and place them on a shelf etc..once you get your benefits active..come to MIAMI :)

Tina Tuakoi said...

That's awesome! You deserve it! :)


woohoo that's what I am talking about!! U will do fine and pass with flying colors!!!