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May 21, 2012

Color Me Rad

My sister Leslie has been on a health kick lately....exercising daily, counting her calories, making healthier choices....and let me just say that she looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!  She's always kindof been petite...not ever as big as me.  She got my parent's height so she's really short lol.  I've never ever thought she was big....but seeing the transformation she's made, it's amazing!  She decided right before Christmas that she wanted to make some changes with herself and she jumped in head first without looking back.  She went from a size 16 in December to a size 6.....that drastic!  She's definitely been my motivation and has inspired me to do something about how crappy I feel and look.  All it is is self-discipline and perserverence.  She uses the MyFitnessPal app on her phone which makes it easier to count and track her calories.  She's able to weigh herself weekly and keep track of how much she loses.  Almost 50 pounds to date! 

One of the things she started doing with her husband is running 5k's....and they've been doing one almost every weekend!  One day a couple weeks ago she asked me if I wanted to come and watch her kids while her and her husband ran the Color Me Rad 5k that was held at UVU.  Every 5k that is held, is usually to raise money for a charity or other good causes, and this one was to raise money to give scholarships to students who were attending that college....the college my sister goes to.   I agreed and we headed down to Utah County.  OMG that day was so much fun!  There were tons and tons of people there...everyone wore white shirts.  I didn't really know what to expect, except that they were going to throw color on the runners....but like I said, it was so much fun!

Everyone started out in their white shirts and throughout the run they had stations where people threw colored cornstarch or sprayed them with color......by the time they got to the finish line, they were completely covered in color, not to mention getting attacked by the color bomb squad at the finish line. Lol. 

At first, the kids were just standing by watching as the people crossed the finish line.....
And then they were hit by a color bomb and so why not? Might as well join in the fun!  Lol
They had big buckets of color at the finish line that the color bomb sqaud was using....and the kids jumped the fence and joined in throwing color on everyone that was running.  They were having so much fun!

When Leslie and Patrick made it to the finish line, the kids went crazy with the color.

It was definitely a great time, and one that we plan on doing every year from now on...except next time, I'm actually going to run it instead of just babysit.  Lol.

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