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March 17, 2011

Uncle Ula's Services

Uncle Ula passed away on 12/28/2010.  He had a funeral here in Utah with all the family members that are here, and he also had a service in Hawaii, his home town where his body was laid to rest.  We were fortunate enough to be able to attend both services.  Like I said in my previous posts, Uncle Ula was an amazing man and he will be greatly missed.

The service that was held in Utah was simple.  There weren't too many people there, it was just all the family getting together to pay respects to him.  He comes from a huge family of 15 siblings and tons and tons of nephews and neices....everyone got a chance to talk, reminiss and share some thoughts about him.  We laughed at some of the experiences shared, and we cried too...it was a very good service.  The nephews that were here got together and sang a couple songs for Uncle Ula....the nieces did too.  It was beautiful.

The services in Hawaii were beautiful as well.  It's really nice because a lot of the family works for an airline so there was quite a few of us that were able to make it out to his Hawaii services.  His service in Hawaii was a lot like the one here, they gave time to all the family to pay their tributes.  It was a beautiful service.

He looked so peaceful and so much at rest.  The mortuary that took care of him did a really good job making him look like he was just sleeping.  He was in so much pain for the last few years of his life that it was really nice to see him at peace.  Both of his services were simple and sweet, just like he would have liked them.  I'm so grateful that he was a part of my life, even if it was for a short time.

Auntie Lavi saying good-bye to her big brother

G-ma Sita and Ula's oldest son Siope saying their good-byes

Some of the family right after his services
The Fangupo brothers w/ Uncle Ula's kids

Uncle Ula's beautiful resting place
Reppin' that Lomu status...

The Fangupo side of the family supporting the Lomu side

So because of his occupation and his friendship and association with so many celebrities, I was wondering if any of them would come to his services.  They did not, there was no star gazing......but a few days after the services there was a HUGE bouquet of flowers laying on his gravesite.  It had a note on it that said "Rest in Peace my friend".......Adam Sandler had them delivered to his grave.  

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what beautiful songs that were sung and great pictures Mon!! our condolences on your loss love u