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April 4, 2010

Pictures with Gpa & Gma

We all got together for dinner at Leslie & Pat's house and decided to try and take pictures of all the grandkids with Gramma & Grampa.... since it's almost Dad's birthday, we thought he would love to have a picture of all the kids..... here are some of the shots we got, keep in mind that this is 13 kids all under the age of 8, so it was impossible to get a shot of all of them smiling, let alone all of them looking.  Hahaha, it was fun though!  After sorting through like a thousand pictures, these are the best ones!

Also, I got a new photoshop programs.....the CS4, and I was playing around with it on these pictures....now looking back on them, I so need to figure out how to use it!  The pictures turned out way over-photoshoped....hahaha but it was fun! 
Funny Faces
Kids attacking Gpa
Kids attacking Gpa II
Kids attacking Gma
Leslie's Kids
My Kids
Marie's Family


Melissa said...

Those are really cute pictures. YOu could start your own photography buisness. Those were fun to look at. There are a lot of grandkids. I am sure your parent will love those pics.
Your little girl is getting so big. She is really cute.
Hope you had a great Easter weekend.

Latu said...

Grandparent pics are so great! Cute pics!