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April 11, 2010

Conversation w/ the Doctor

I took Makai to the doctor for a check-up and here's how the conversation went:

Dr:  "Makai, what's your favorite food?"

Makai: "I Love vegetables" 

(totally caught me off guard cause that is so not his favorite food...I looked at him and he had this evil little smile on his face)

Dr:  "Oh, that's good Makai, what kind of vegetables? Green ones? Colorful ones?"

Makai:  "Oh, I love all vegetables...... you know Dr.  if I have a sweet tooth, I just eat a carrot and my sweet tooth is gone."

(At this point I couldn't help but laugh out loud)

The Dr. steps out of the room

Me:  "Makai, what was that all about?"

Makai:  "Well mom, we want the Dr. to think I eat healthy don't we?"

Oh my goodnes....where does this kid come up with this stuff!



lmbo that is hilarious!!

Tina Tuakoi said...

Hahaha, that it too funny! He's a smart kid, that's for sure! LOL


Smart KID lol good laugh

"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

Makai...Makai...Makai! hahahahah! What a lil' kafi !!!

Next time you come to my house...all your eating is VEGETABLES!!


Love you Monkey!

Nick and Sheena said...

That is too funny! Lol Makai is so cute! :)