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March 19, 2010

Alisi Siosiana Fangupo's special day!

Little Lisi is the oldest daughter, 2nd child of Kina & Christina. She's a little princess, a good-helper, and a great sister/cousin. She turned 8 years old at the beginning of February and was baptized on March 6th. She was baptized by her Grandpa Kina, and confirmed by her dad. It was a very special day for a very special little girl. Tina asked me to make a little invite for her to give to her family....here it is:

I also remembered to take my camera that day, so here are the pictures from her special day! We sure do love you little Lisi!

Little Lisi in her dress that her Auntie Toa & Uncle Mote bought her
With Grandpa and Makai before the baptism
With Mama Alice
In her whites with Grandpa Kina

With Grandpa Kina & Grandma Kesa
Little Lisi w/ her dad, grandparents & sister Pisila
Little Lisi after she was baptized, in her dress that Tea bought her...
President Makai with the two that got baptized...
Lisi with her Mom
Blessed to have both Great-Grandma's there for her special day!
Little Lisi with her Moms...Tina & Alisi
Proud Parents
The whole fam-bam

There was also a small eating held for Alisi...it was nice to have the family there to eat, visit, and hang-out. We always have a good time when the family gets together! It was just the immediate families in the big huge gym @ the church so all the kids got to run wild while the parents visited and ate. It was a lot of fun and we are all so proud of Little Lisi for her great example to her younger brothers and sister and cousins!

Tina wanted to do something special for Alisi on her special day so she stayed up all night with Mua making these awesome cakes! Aren't they so nice!!

Getting ready to go to the eating...some shots with Lautala & Filimone...

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Tina Tuakoi said...

You did such a great job on the announcement Monica. What a special day for a special girl! Love the cakes as well! :)