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December 22, 2009

Temple Lights

I fell a little behind on my posts and there has been so much to blog about. I decided to dedicate myself to updating my blog 2night...so if you're a Fangupo blog follower, you'll have some reading to do... lol!

First thing I wanted to blog about was the Christmas Lights at Temple Square.
This is a tradition that we started when we first got married, but haven't gone for the past few years because of Ova's health. We were so excited this year to be able to take our boys to see the lights, see the temple and feel the wonderful Christmas spirit at Temple Square. It was so cold, so we were all bundled up nice and warm and we got to enjoy the lights w/ Kina & Tina & their family.... Sau leka.... and Tauafu! We walked around the whole temple grounds and took tons of pictures. It was a nice memorable night, and one I couldn't leave out of my blog. Here are some of the pictures I took!


Afterwards was delicious too because Tauafu baked home-made chocolate chip cookies and we warmed up with warm cookies and vanilla ice-cream! Yummy!

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