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December 28, 2009

Pouha Sisters Annual Cookie Party!

Ok, so I know this post is way overdue....but I couldn't leave it out of my blog! Thanks to the beautiful Po'uha sisters: Lelu, Christina & Loyann....we had a wonderful turn out at their annual cookie-swap party! This little get-together is getting quite popular and this year because of all the people that were going to attend, we each had to make 20 dozen cookies..... yep, you read it right..... 20 dozen! We all had to sign up for the kind of cookie we were going to make so that we would have a variety of different kinds to share..... the last time I attended this party I made pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies....but wanted to try something different, something new that I'd never tried before. I saw this cookie in a magazine that looked so delicious....so I grabbed the recipe and that was going to be my cookie! It's called the polka-dot cookie....a chocolate mint-chip cookie. The first time I ever made it was for the party...so I was hoping they turned out ok! hahaha

Here r my cookies in progress..... the dough

On the tray b4 hitting the oven...
And ta-da....the final product! They turned out awesome!!

The party was so much fun! Much needed woman-time with other ladies/mothers/friends... the Pouha sisters went all out with decorations, games...and they even had home-made soup for their bread bowl soups! Lelu made this cheese-chicken-broccli soup and it was SO delicious! We sat and visited and talked and at the end of the night we all left with 20 dozen different kinds of cookies.....it was so much fun! Thank you Pouha sisters! Until next year! :)

There were so many cookies we had to set up 3 long tables for them all to fit

Some of the cookie-party guests...

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