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April 19, 2008

My Boys

Like I mentioned, I have two handsome little boys that keep me very busy. My oldest son, Makai is 4 years old. He's the sweetest little boy who cares about everyone. He's going to preschool right now and he absolutely loves it! He comes home everyday with all the little projects he makes, and all the pictures he colors and he's so proud..... I must say though, we are pretty proud of him too. He's such a good older brother and is very protective of his baby brother (even though he's probably the one that needs protecting because Filimone's a bully.) He's our little helper and we're so happy to have him!

Filimone is our high maintenance baby boy. It's funny how completely different they are. Makai is so nice and Filimone is a little brat. He's got the attitude and is always getting himself into trouble. The problem with that is that he's only 18 months and he's already got attitude. He sure does make us laugh though with the things he does. He LOVES to dance and it doesn't matter what type of music is playing, he's dancing. His hair is so long and curly and wild, just like his personality. He sure does keep us on our toes, and we're so happy to have him!


Snyder Family said...

Your boys are so beautiful. I love those tongan boys!!! They are heart throbs Monica. It is funny how different they can be. Mine are the exact same way. They do keep us on our toes all the time but it is hard to imagine what life was like before children isn't it!

Marie n Lini +5 said...

YAY....she has been CONVERTED!! Woooohoooo! I am soooo glad I convinced you to join! Dang I must be good! sheeshhh! Only thing is ...BEWARE though...it's very addicting! But you'll be amazed at how many people you'll find in this bloggin world!So many of my long lost HS friends are here and we check up on eachother almost everyday! I'm going to check yours EVERYDAY so post something OFTEN k (no I am not a stalker, just love reading about my lil' handsome nefewz!) Anywhoooo...you should put a list of all your blogs you visit on here! Call me if you need help k ..and you can change your background and layout too! I'm still not sure if I like mines...I'm just tryin' it out for a lil'...we'll see
I'll call ya in a few mins...I gotta feed the baby first...okie dokerz...