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April 11, 2011

Money well spent!!

So if you made it through my last post (super long, sorry!)   You'll know that I had a little incident with my camera..... Ova says it's my fault, I blame Mone....but what happened was that Mone was drinking a red gatorade while we were watching the show at the PCC....he was done drinking so he put the bottle in the backpack, without the lid screwed on tight.....well,  my camera was in the backpack!  I didn't notice anything was happening until I felt my foot getting wet as we were walking from the show to the car.....as soon as I felt it I started to panic....stopped and grabbed the backpack and grabbed my camera out of it.  It didn't turn on.  The digital screen on the back of the camera was wet, you could see the moisture inside the screen..... NOT GOOD!!  I was freaking out....I took off the lens and tried my hardest to dry it, but it wouldn't turn on.  I was thinking that maybe if it dried overnight, it would turn on in the morning....no such luck.  My camera was BROKEN!!  :(

I had a Nikon D40X, it was an awesome camera.....I used it all the time and I loved it!!  I got it for Christmas back in 2007 and have used it a lot through these past 3 years........I remember when Ova and I went to the store to get it, they were trying to sell the warranty to us, and normally I would just decline it.  Ova kept telling me that I should get the warranty, but I was super hesitant because the camera was already so expensive.  He ended up talking me into it and we paid like an extra $130 for 5 years coverage, the kind that covers everything, I specifically remember her saying that even if I took it to the beach and got sand in it, they would cover it......I totally thought that was the biggest waste of money, but this little incident with my camera made me completely and totally change my mind!!!

The day we got back from Hawaii I dropped my family off at home and went straight to Best Buy to drop off my camera to be fixed.  They asked me what was wrong with it.....and I told them that it won't turn on because gatorade got spilled all over it.  They wrote up their little report thing and took it from me and told me they'd be in contact.  Not even two days later I got a call from the Geek Squad telling me that they were unable to fix my camera, but since it was under warranty I could come in and get another one.  I was just thinking that they would give me the same camera......BUT they stopped making the D40X back in 2008 so they had to find one that was comparable....I guess the camera specialist person was on lunch break or something but the other people that were there covering for him didn't really know which camera to give me.  They asked like four different people and none of them knew the right answer.  There were two cameras there, one that was pretty much around the same price that I paid for mine back in 2007 and one that was hundreds of dollars more than I spent.  The worker asked me how many megapixals my old camera had and I told him 10.4.....the camera that was about the same price only had 10.2, so he made an executive decision to not downgrade the megapixals and to give me the one that costs a couple hundred dollars more than I had paid back in 2007.  SCORE!!!  I walked with him up to the register and watched as he rang up this brand new camera....the register read $949....he entered my warranty information and I owed NOTHING!!!  That $130 we spent on the warranty was the best money we've ever spent!!  :)

I didn't really know what the difference was between my old camera and my new one, the D3100....so I did a little research online.  Every website that I ran into actually said that the D3100 was not and upgrade from the D40X, it's just an update.  But regardless of what the internet says, it's totally and upgrade to me!!  My old camera was 10.4 megapixals, my new camera has 14.2......my old camera didn't have a video camera on it, my new one has a HD 1080 video camera on it.....it's lighter in weight....and pretty much everything else is the same.  I LOVE IT and I'm so happy that Ova made me buy the warranty back in 2007!!


letafauolo said...

wow..you definitely scored!! That's awesome, I will pay for the warranty next time!! =)

Fred & Shenna Frost said...

Awesome score! :0) I don't usually get warranty for the small stuff, but for a digital camera...worth it!

Kassie said...

Awesome.. I LOVE NIKONS! :) I'm all about the warranty.. FOREVER.. HAHA.. especially when you're spending that much money on cameras... make sure you warranty any new lenses you get too ;)

Tina Tuakoi said...

That is so awesome! I don't like how the one I have doesn't have video. I think I need an upgrade too! Haha.