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November 29, 2010

Black Friday!


I love the craziness.  I love the standing outside in the cold.  I love the spending quality time with my husband (even though he doesn't LOVE it like I do) I love the savings and the great deals.  I love the hype of it all.  I love getting all of my Christmas shopping done in one day...or in a few hours.  I just love it!

I don't regularly like shopping, it's not one of my favorite things to do.  But black friday is different.  I look forward to black friday all year long!  It's become quite a tradition of mine...and I love it!

This year we totally scored!  Every year for the past several years we've done the black Friday thing.....we have our usual stores that we ALWAYS hit, and we usually go to Park City since all the stores we love are right there.  Well, they just opened a Nike Outlet store in Jordan Landing....and that made all the stores (expect Gap) right here, and right by our house.  So we decided to stay close by!!  All the stores in Jordan Landing opened at midnight instead of the usual 5 or 6 in the morning, so there really was no waiting in line.  We didn't really have a game plan in place but we had an idea of what we wanted to get, and we knew which stores we were going to hit.  We started out at WalMart....got there at 11pm.  A lot of their sale items were wrapped up in the aisles with signs on them to not be opened until midnight.  The kids pajamas didn't really follow that rule.  We went strait there and got 5 pairs of pj's for each of our kids..... (I was so excited to buy little princess stuff for Lautala...it's the first year to buy girl stuff and it was so much fun!)  We met up with some of our friends there, Keila and Sina, and we tag teamed it.....They waited for the towels ($1.33 each) and I waited for the Rubbermaid tupperware (40 peices for $9) and Ova stood in line at a register.  Right at midnight everyone started ripping the plastic off and grabbing their stuff.  I grabbed 4 tupperware boxes and ran for the register.  I seriously felt like I was playing football rushing through the crowd.....I must admit I was pushing and trying to squeeze by, but so was everyone else.  It was craziness.  When I got to the register.....Ova was already at the front.  Keila and Sina bought their stuff and left and then we did.  We ended up with 15 pairs of pj's, almost 20 towels, and 2 boxes of rubbermaid tupperware.  We were the first ones to check out.  We seriously, were out of the store and in our car with all our stuff at 12:07am..... so much better than the 2 hours we waited in line last year!!  I think we're gonna have to pair up with someone else and do that every year!  It was total teamwork and it turned out GREAT!!

After we left Walmart, we headed over to the Nike Outlet.....such a nice store and they had some awesome black friday sales going on.  I got me a new pair of Nike's for $30........next stop was Children's Place....I absolutely LOVE Children's Place!!  Every year I buy my boys every single striped polo shirt that comes out...I think they look so cute!  I think each of my boys got like 8 shirts each, and Lautala got a bunch of tights, some shirts, a sweater, some skinny jeans....just a TON of clothes.  Their sale was 30% off everything in the store, I got another 10% off with my card, and a lady handed me a 20% off coupon.... TOTAL SCORE!!  My total came to like $219 and with all the discounts I only spent like $80!

After Children's Place we stopped by Carter's....and then we headed to Old Navy.  There was a line outside the store....there were people in the store shopping, but they had reached their capacity so they had to lock the doors and once 50 people paid and left, they would let 50 people in.  It was crazy!  We stood outside for a good hour and then they let people in.  The worker counted 49 and 50.....and then he closed the door!  Aaaarrruuuggggghhh!  We were 51 and 52 in line.  That meant waiting for another 45 minutes or so.  As we were standing there FREEZING, we looked inside the store through the window.  The line seriously, no joke, started at the back of the store....went up to the front of the store, went around their display all the way back to the back of the store and up again......until it got to the register.  I would guess that people were easily standing in line inside the store for 2 plus hours.  Ova was getting impatient.  If I was by myself I would have totally stood there all night....but he wasn't having it.  We decided to go to 7-11 to get something to warm us up.  After that we just went home and slept.  I didn't wake up until noon, first time to sleep in for a LONG time, it felt so nice!  We got ready and headed back to Old Navy.....so glad that we decided to leave the night before because they still had plenty of everything we wanted.  We scored a few pairs of pants for our boys for $10, really nice pea coats for them $15, a puffy jacket with fur in the hood for Lautala $15, more shirts and other clothes.......needless to say, we got our kids TONS of clothes!!  hahaha 

It was another successful, fun-filled, quality-time spent black Friday.........until next year!!  :)

Today was Cyber Monday....which is like black friday but online....I did grab some AWESOME deals for way WAY cheap, but I can't post about them because they're for Ova and he reads this.....hahahaha!!


Melissa said...

Can I come with you next year so I can find all those good deals? I love Black Friday too but my husband refuses to go so that is nice that Ova went with you. I went with my sister and my father and got just about all of it done too.
Hey I need your new address. I am sending out our Christmas cards this week and I have one with your name on it just no address. Thanks! Love ya!

Aki said...

You don't mess around w/BF chicka!! Nice deals you got & I am totally going to use your idea w/the "tag team" method.....such a great idea!!

MARCIA said...

Isn't it the best. My husband went one year with me and never again...LOL! He said it's madness and he doesn't like having to protect me from crazy ladies...hahaha Whatever I love it, I can handle my own...LOL! You scored with all the clothes. I do that online. I love cyber Monday too. Aren't girls so much fun to shop for? They're clothes are so much cuter! Merry Christmas

Melissa said...

Hey Monica,

My address is 11392 W. Creekbend St. Star, ID 83669 if that helps you. We would love a christmas card. Have a great week!

Fred & Shenna Frost said...

LOVE scoring on deals! :0)

GiNaRoO said...

OMG... Monica!!! You got such a GREAT DEAL at Childrens Place!! I LOVE tha place too... I went last year to Old Navy and they had great deals im sure there deals this year was even better! And I have to agree with you I would of totally stood in line too if I were by myself! lol.. Next year we gotta go together again and not just to Wally im gonna follow you guys to all the great stores you hit! Lmbo... Thanks for sharing too:)


Oh girl, one of these days I will go lol those are great deals

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