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February 4, 2009


I got to take my boys to the walking with the dinosaurs that came to town and it was so much fun! I bought the cheapest seats which, of course were in the super duper nose bleeds up all the way against the top wall, but it was so much fun! The dinosaurs looked real, they were HUGE and they sounded so real. It was funny because Makai said "Mom, thanks for getting our seats all the way up here because if we were lower they would eat us" I just laughed and went along with it.

These ones were Makai's favorites:

These ones were Filimone's favorites:

And here is the T-Rex. My boys were scared of him because he was SOOOO loud, but I thought he was pretty cool!!

And of course some pictures of them with their treats, and them being silly during the intermission!!


Kiki Fangupo said...

how cool. i wanted to take the boys so bad when they were out in vegas, but we had plans to be in salt lake... which i'm sure was much more preferable anyway! =)

Snyder Family said...

I have been checking on your blog forever and saw you finally wrote. I was so happy to see that your boys loved the dinasour show. It was a huge hit here. Unfortunately we didn't take our boys but I heard from so many friends that it was a good one. How have you been? I haven't heard from you in a long time. Please call me or email me. I would love to chat.

Gleaves Family said...

How fun! I heard that show was awesome! I love the pics of the boys being silly and being themselves. Glad to see you're updating again!